Stylish at Any Age – Inspire Photoshoot

Staying stylish at any age

Age is no barrier to staying stylish.  Schwarzkopf’s new collection of beautiful silver whites and stunning grey hair shades, available from Partners Hair & Beauty, Belfast.

The exclusive photo shoot in London for Schwarzkopf Professional Inspire UK featured stylist Paul Meekin, Partners owner, and a selection of mature models, proving that older women are having their moment in the spotlight.

“Just think of all the glamorous mature women around, such as Helen Mirren and country music singer Emmylou Harris who looks stunning with her signature grey hairdo. They’re turning heads well into their Seventies,” says Paul.

“Every year, women spend millions of pounds trying to disguise grey and silver hairs, but there’s no need to cover up any more. Grey is now glamorous and silver is simply stunning! And it’s not just celebrities who can rock this look, it’s for everyone.

“You’ll still need to pay as much attention to your grey or silver hair as you did when you were dying it,” explains Paul, “but we have amazing new products, from shampoos to toners, to help you do just that.”

Following the launch of its Essential Looks collection, Schwarzkopf introduced its Professional Inspire UK diffusion line, to mark that point where creativity meets the salon floor.

“It’s all about showing how this look can be practical and easily wearable for everyday clients,” adds Paul.

“Women in our salon are loving the look and a lot of them are delighted that they now feel free to finally embrace their greying hair while also being at the forefront of the current trend.

“One of the most fashionable and fascinating women around right now is 93-year-old New Yorker, Iris Apfel. Her outlook is that dressing, and indeed life, is nothing but an experiment. I think we can all learn something from that attitude.”



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