Belfast Alternative Fashion Week – 2016

BAFW Press Launch

Paul and his very talented creative team will be part of Belfast’s first ever Alternative Fashion Week revealing creative flair on the catwalk.

Belfast photographer Shelley Rodgers and her team at Equal Fashion Magazine and ACE Model Agency has put together four unique events displaying themes from fairy tale and gore to tattoo,  henna and body art fashion shows. As well as that there will be a vibrant and colourful show from some the local LGBT community with BAFW closing with an audio-visual experience combining pieces from all the previous shows.

Speaking of the partnership with Paul Meekin, Shelley said: “Paul’s work is fantastic and he has such a lovely personality – when you combine that with his professionalism and talent it is just a joy to work alongside him and his team. 

“Not only are Paul’s hairstyles and creations amazing but the experience to collaborate with him is always a joy, never a drama. We couldn’t be happier to be honest.”

Paul says he’s looking forward to working on Alternative Fashion Week and is no stranger to catwalk shows having worked behind the scenes on many major shows including London Fashion week. He has styled hair for celebrities, models and loyal clientele for many years and is renowned for his excellence in hair styling, his zeal and his professional expertise.

 “I got involved with BAFW because it showcases the diversity we see in society, it gives all of us a chance to showcase work that we wouldn’t see on an average catwalk I’m hoping to showcase something from avant-garde right through to grunge; our brief is unrestricted and very much depends on the model’s total look Shelley has more or less given us a free reign to get creative” he said.

This type of event will be a first for Belfast giving artists from all creative backgrounds an equal opportunity to showcase their work in a way we haven’t
experimented with previously.

Paul is an exceptional choice to add to the show and will undoubtedly blow us away with his finishing touches on the catwalk.






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